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Remote Work at Covid – 19 (corona) times!

We all know during Covid - 19 phase one has to stay indo0r as long as possible to avoid getting infected. There is a lock down also for the same reason, we are expecting it to extend. But how long can we stay Indore, sooner or later we may get exposed to the virus we are only trying to delay the spread at the same time delay it in a way, that if a less number of people are exposed to it, it's easier for hospitals to handle the situation while the governments can narrow down areas that are infected and focus resources and take precaution in those areas first. Think of your self as not just a family of 2 to 5 or more, see your self as a large family of billions of people, if too many will get effected at the same time neither the hospitals nor the families can help in this situation. But panic will not help at all, what…

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