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Should I Send a Follow Up Cover Letter?

In a competitive job market, you want to make sure no steps are skipped when it comes to making your application stand out…

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How to Write a Winning CV

When it comes time to hit the job boards and hunt for work, the CV is perhaps the most important thing to have…

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What Happens to Your CV After Applying for Jobs Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are applying for jobs online you should know about how employers eleminate candidates. It’s not a big secret that each job…

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Top 5 Common Mistakes When Making Job Applications

When I review applications my clients have made there are usually a few common mistakes that come up. Below are the top 5…

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9 Ways to Improve Your Personal Branding to Get a Job

Personal Branding is all about selling yourself and that is the only way that you will actually get a job through selling your…

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Why is Your CV Being Ignored? 6 Possible Reasons

After spending hours, days maybe even months producing your CV, you have sent it out but if you haven’t heard anything from the…

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