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Position Overview Conceived on the back of the 2017 crypto wave, Pocket Network was borne of a realization. While Infura enabled the ICO boom, it also made it extremely vulnerable due to operating as a single point of failure. A secure, efficient, and censorship-resistant future for Web3 must be enabled by truly decentralized infrastructure, not by centralized platforms gating access to networks.

The pitfalls of Web2 become more obvious by the day – security breaches, gatekeepers, and ever-more aggressive censorship have turned the open-source dream of the free internet into increasingly dystopian surveillance and control system. Pocket Network offers a radical escape: a means to bring the free internet back, only this time it’s unstoppable.

Our engineering department currently includes a small stable team – specialists in critical areas, our CTO, and our CEO. We’ve achieved a great deal, but we also understand that “what got you here, won’t get you there”. We will be scaling up the engineering team in 2022 and we want to bring smart people aboard that will help make fulfill the goals and deliver the best platform while ensuring quality.
That’s where you come in: you will be in charge of everyday research, design, and development of new testing frameworks for the Pocket Blockchain Protocol to ensure quality and provide QA Guidelines across the team and the project. You will have to drive your progress and propose new ideas and solutions that will make our Protocol be faster, leaner, robust, and secure.

You will need to architect, design, and implement the tooling that will ensure the quality of the Pocket Network client, in an efficient, automated, and replicable way. You will also be an active participant in the protocol research and development effort, making sure that any feature or attribute of the system quality can be properly measured, assessed, and improved on.

You should also be an active member of the Pocket community, you will have to be a leader and role model for community developers that will join the project. You will have the opportunity to do research and present papers that will drive and motivate others to participate in the development of the Blockchain Protocol.

Success will be measured primarily in qualitative terms, which may include but are not limited to: participating in ideation meetings, bringing new ideas to the table and running research to find the best solutions, and implementing those ideas with quality in mind.

Key Projects & Objectives

  • R&D
    • On a daily basis, you will be running research, designing systems, and participating in ideation meetings to bring new solutions to the table
    • Participate in other member’s Ideas, by discussing and proposing improvements
    • Help another team member to run research and comparison about different options
    • Write reports and papers about research results
    • Accept suggestions, ideas and help with your research tasks
    • Propose testing solutions and testing plans for every new aspect of the project
    • Ensure that other team members provide options to ensure project quality from the ground up
  • Implementation
    • Create testing infrastructure to support development
    • Describe testing strategies for every project goal
    • Implement QA systems for every step of the development and deployment process using automated tools and automated pipelines
    • Work side by side with the infrastructure specialist to implement automated testing tools down the pipeline
    • Work side by side with Protocol Specialist to ideate features with testing and QA mindset first, ensure that everything is testable and accountable
  • Review
    • Code review implementations, comment and suggest improvements
    • Help other team members to unblock their work
    • Participate in projects by providing your best knowledge
    • Review community contributions and help the community participation on the project
  • Role model
    • Participate in community channels, answer questions, and review projects
    • Follow the contribution guide patterns to be an example for the community
    • Identify improvements and bugs on community forums and GitHub comments

Who We’re Looking For and Why You Should Care
As a mission-driven organization, Pocket Network is a rewarding and engaging place to work for those who embrace our core ethos, which could be distilled as a commitment to results, truth, openness, kindness, stewardship, gratitude, and collaboration. Huge egos need not apply. At Pocket, the best idea wins.

You’ll come from a production environment in software engineering. You have a DevOps background and probably experience in automated tooling. What’s most important is that you’re a relentless optimizer and tinkerer, a great systems thinker who can see how pieces of a process fit together, then deconstruct, rebuild and optimize them in order to produce improved outcomes (and test, test, test). You’ll be a skilled practical problem solver who enjoys finding weak links and experimenting with ways to improve them.

You have some understanding of Computer Science, Networking, P2P, and preferably GoLang. You’ve been working on related areas like Infrastructure, Cloud, Backend, and CI/CD tooling. You love thinking about QA first, designing fault-tolerant systems and necessary automated testing tools that ensure project quality on every step. You think on QA first, analyzing every new proposal how can be tested and how we can ensure quality.

As such, while it’s important you have a grounding in a real-world software engineering environment, it’s mindset and attitude we’re looking for more so than any specific tech stack, job title, or level of experience. If you love engineering but wish you could spend less time on the minutiae and more time on building and optimizing a well-oiled software production machine, this might just be exactly the job for you.

Pocket is an idea whose time has come. While the fundamental engineering, product, and revenue infrastructure are in place and product-market fit has been proven, the vast majority of potential and impact lies in the future. For ambitious builders and innovators, there couldn’t be a better time to join us. And you’ll get to help us solve one of the most urgent and pressing problems of our time – a generational crisis – by helping us to build secure, censorship-resistant Web3 infrastructure and restore the free and open internet.

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  • >1y of experience in a startup environment
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Deep understanding of Computer Science and Networking. You don’t just use tools and frameworks, you also understand how they work under the hood.
  • +1y experience in DevOps
  • You’ve experience working on projects that are related to Infrastructure, Cloud, Backend, and CI/CD tooling
  • Experience with QA
  • Have worked on a significant system from scratch
  • Excited about blockchain and Web3

Nice to haves

  • You have a computer science degree.
  • Experience with GoLang
ID #20765 Location USA Industry Internet Type Full Time Role Testing Architecture Specialist Tampa - Santo Domingo - Remote (EST +/- 6) Career Level Junior Presence Remote

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Testing Architecture SpecialistUSA
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Pocket Network Inc. USA

Pocket Network is an unstoppable blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 applications.

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