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What Is Web3 All About? An Easy Explanation With Examples

This fantastic article was published in Forbes, credit to Mr. Bernard Marr. This is a good read for our community of startup enthusiasts and job seekers who are looking to understand Web3 industry. First, there was web1 – aka the internet we all know and love. Then there was web2 – the user-generated web, heralded by the arrival of social media. Now, wherever we look, people are talking about web3 (or sometimes, web 3.0) – the supposed next big evolutionary leap forward of the internet. But what is it, exactly? What is Web3 All About? An Easy Explanation With ExamplesADOBE STOCK Well, opinions on this differ somewhat. Web3 is currently a work-in-progress and isn’t exactly defined yet. However, the main principle is that it will be decentralized – rather than controlled by governments and corporations, as is the case with today’s internet – and, to some extent, connected to the concept of the “metaverse." Before we start – just to avoid confusion – it’s worth…

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