8 Freelance Platforms that Pay in Bitcoin and other Crypto currency

This list is for everyone who are interested in doing freelancing or currently working as freelancers and want to earn their income in Bitcoin. These platforms are relatively new compares to existing freelance platforms including Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc.

But from another perspective, working for these new platforms can give you an edge and increase your chances of finding and getting online work opportunities. It’s a great time to start on these websites before they get saturated.

Also they pay in Bitcoin and other leading crypto, so if you want to try your luck then give them a try. Who knows what your earnings might be worth in the long run.

Here’s a list of the portals and a brief intro about them:

CryptoGrind.com: Many freelance jobs are posted on regular basis on this platform. Categories include content writing, programming, online marketing, advertising, music etc.

BlockLancer.net: BlockLancer works on the same principle as Fiverr and other Gigs based platforms. You can sell your services by creating gigs. Only difference is they pay in Bitcoin.

BitGigs.com: Another not-so-popular crypto freelance platform. The opportunities are few compared to the first two websites but still worth a try.

Earn.com: Earn.com pays you to complete short tasks including surveys, promotional offers, installing apps etc. It’s like a micro-tasking platform that pays in bits. But those bits can add up quickly.

BitforTip.com: BitforTip is a Q&A based platform where you answer queries posted by other users. If they like your answers you earn a bounty. The bounty price is always mentioned against each question.

Crypto.Jobs: It’s another online jobs based portal that allows you to apply for remote work. Some jobs require you to be a citizen of specific countries but most of the jobs are remote based.

CoinBase.com: Coinbase is a popular platform for crypto-currency exchange and dealing. They also offer earning opportunities that allow you to learn about new and upcoming crypto currencies and earn rewards at the same time.

CoinBucks.io: CoinBucks is is another micro-freelancing based platform that pays you to complete short offers like installing apps, watching videos, answering questions etc.

These are the leading websites that pay in Bitcoin at the moment.

Detailed information including relevant links can be found in this list of Bitcoin Freelancing websites. Do share your feedback and past experiences with these sites.

Content retrieved from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/cvl3ob/8_freelance_platforms_that_pay_in_bitcoin_and/.

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