Remote Work at Covid – 19 (corona) times!

We all know during Covid – 19 phase one has to stay indo0r as long as possible to avoid getting infected. There is a lock down also for the same reason, we are expecting it to extend. But how long can we stay Indore, sooner or later we may get exposed to the virus we are only trying to delay the spread at the same time delay it in a way, that if a less number of people are exposed to it, it’s easier for hospitals to handle the situation while the governments can narrow down areas that are infected and focus resources and take precaution in those areas first.

Think of your self as not just a family of 2 to 5 or more, see your self as a large family of billions of people, if too many will get effected at the same time neither the hospitals nor the families can help in this situation. But panic will not help at all, what we can do instead is start preparing for this situation and educate our self and our near and dear ones to do few steps to help each other better.

I am going to give a few tips based on experience and research that I did during Covid – 19 lock down, hope it helps. These advises are divided in three scenarios either you are a family not yet infected, or your family member is infected or you are a business whose employee is sick and you need support from outside such as hiring remote staff.

FAMILY – Before infection –

1. Stay at home, for unavoidable out door works let only one person do the out door activity and that should definitely not be anyone old (Senior Citizens of Family).

2. Make sure senior citizens stay at home only and completely avoid outside interactions, however do take proper care of them.

3. Kids should stay at home and avoid playing in crowded play grounds.

4. Wash your hands as much as possible.

5. Use mask specially if talking to people outside, in public places or if you are cooking food or working on something that is to be shared with others.

6. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water and take rest.

7. Keep your environment fresh, remember we are made up of earth,water,air and heat. Hence it alway  helps our immunity whenever we go out and sit on the ground or stand bare feet, if we drink enough water and stay properly hydrated, if the air is fresh and sunlight is defiantly good for body. Just try to stay fresh within your premises avoiding crowd.


Family – Tested positive with Covid – 19 virus.

1. If there is a patient doctors will advise proper medication as well as they will let you know if hospitalization is required or not, follow all instructions of doctors.

2. If you are unfortunate for any reason and can’t get proper medicines or know someone who does not have medicines for fever or if the medicines are not looking effective as fever is rising despite all efforts try to use traditional methods –

A. Use a wet cloth with water that is at room temperature and wipe the body (forehead, face, palms, feet, chest, back etc) to bring the temperature down, keep monitoring and repeating the process maintaining temperatures less then 101°C.

B. If patent is feeling strong enough then they can take bath to bring temperature down.

C. Keep them properly covered as per weather conditions. In our experience in most viral fever cases the virus leaves the body with sweat, try to watch for that sign as well because patient may feel very week to observe and notify you if they are feeling better.

3. In Covid – 19 since this virus attacks lungs hence either due to attack or since entire immune system is fighting the virus the protection for vital organs is week hence in later stage virus causes pneumonia (lungs fill with fluid), which means patient is now having difficulty in breathing, doctors must be consulted at this point as they can only guide weather patient can heal and recover at home or may need hospitalization. Also at this stage only often patients need ventilators.


I recently spoke to someone in Italy and he informed me that they have been told that out of every 100 infected cases only 20% may need hospitalization, out of that only 3 to 7% may die, now with our population we can do the math 3 to 7 % is a huge number.


Business – Affected due to coved 19

Your business could be a large company an MNC or middle management company or a well funded or self funded startup. Every business has only one goal growth and profit, with all the staff remote and with some of them sick it must be getting difficult to coordinate with the team or to plan and execute as full time staff is used to work in monitored environment and work under pressure, if you have doubts or need help with how to adjust with new working environment we can give a few tips.

1. Analyse critical issues and priorities based on business goals. Eg. Quickly find temporary replacement for sick staff either internally or engage a remote staff to help you out.

2. Engage a senior consultant to help you with the planning and organizing of resources in this situation, specialist who have prior experience of handling end to end projects and have handled remote teams of same background.

3. Do not give up just yet even if you are at an idea stage only, due to lock down. Remote workers should also have patience there are way more opportunities to work as remote staff then ever before, same ways there are lot of resources out there waiting to be reached out. Before people preferred full time staff but now is the best time to explore the other side of the business style while you gain experience your self to see which business model works better for you, so stay positive.

4. If you have doubts about hiring remote staff you can ask for recommendations from known people since right now everyone is working remotely you are likely to get some good references.


Lastly if you feel you still need more personalized help you can reach us at cc to to fix a skype call with our team of experts to guide you better.

What we can do –

1.       If the product or service is in early stage design, we can help quickly wrap up the design work and provide all assets that allows your team to start stitching the product/service together.
2.       If the product or service is in early stage development, we can help you revisit the architecture and help chunking of development work in a way that is conducive for team members working remotely, especially when most of them have never been in such a scenario.
3.       If you feel that your product or service may no longer be viable in the post-covid work, we can help explore and conceptualize offerings that could be meaningful in coming times, based on the current status of your design and development work.
4. We can set up remote team if required. We have very senior industry experts associated with us from various fields such as programming, graphic designing, react native app developers, UI/UX designers with react native app development experience, PHP developers, back end php developers, content developers, sales and marketing consultants, recruiters etc.
P. S. Please look after those who are underprivileged and need support at these times, eg. Construction workers, maids, servants, guards, road side sellers etc help them with food, water and money, in any which way you can and also give food, water and shelter to animals and birds.
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May all be safe and happy!
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