How to prepare for BPO Interview

BPO interviews are basically client’s requirement that a BPO is catering to. Hence one must try to understand as much as possible about the client.

Two to four min confident Role play is the key to get past telephonic or f2f operational / Voice N Accent round.

We prepared few tips to get past interview process, hope this helps :

You can practice following questions for Tech Support Interview processes

What is www, ftp, domain / domain name, website, website hosting, SSL, wordpress, digital marketing?

What are examples of domain names?

Why online presence or personalized emails are necessary for companies?

What is an operating system?

You can practice following questions for Customer Care and Sales processes

Sell a pen / mobile.. to me.

What you will do when a customer is angry about the product / service?

Tell me something about you.

Note – Best not to give too much details about education ( eg. hsc / grad main subject, degree, year of passing), instead just say Graduate/UG/PG with one specialization eg, B.C.A, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, 12th pass, 10th pass etc

For experienced candidates –

Earlier employment ( name of the company, designation, work duration from & up till dd-mm-yyyy)

Why you want to join this company? – Its a common question for experienced and freshers both.

Resume is the key. Appropriate justifications to fill job gaps.

Remove short employment history, except last one or two.

Remove PG qualification details; if not related to sales / marketing or as per the JD.

Tell about the lesson you learned during your work experiences.

Why you left your earlier company?

What you didn’t like about your past organization?

Also candidate must prepare to speak on a topic for 2 minutes. (Freshers/Experienced)

Social presence

Social media

Your locality / native place / favorite brand

Same way according to resume 

address, photo ID, educational details, experience, salary slips of last 3 months / salary credit bank statement, bank statement of last 6 months documentation is the key to get verified ASAP to avoid rejection post selection through interview.

To improve your chance of shortlisting for International Voice Process or any basic interview you can practice, this will help in ensuring you do not get nervous during the interview, besides some BPO’s for certain processes check listing ability via machine generated tests, where in you will be required to Just make sure you speak out loud and clearly same time you hear during the test when you hear voice from the test machine / software. 

Some more tips are down below – 

You must practice before going for the interview, there are three ways to practice –

1. You can use natural readers to convert any text in to voice and then practice along with it

2. You can download Shadowing App to practice

3. You can listen to Tedd talks for US accent and copy and speak out loude clearly to practice for the test.

Hope this helps people preparing to appear for BPO interview.

Also some practice scripts can be used to practice for mock calls. Subscribe to our newsletter we will mail you mock scripts to practice.

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