Jobglobal’s Journey as Digital Nomad Platform

We started this freelancer recruiter platform in Peru back in 2015. I am co-founder of Jobglobal, I tried my best to find a freelance project that would ensure payment for my hard work as a freelance recruiter since I was in Peru, Lima and didn’t speak business level Spanish. Finding a job as a recruiter was out of question for me. So I tried to find work as freelancer, little that I knew all platforms have their pros and cons and if you are not careful you are going to be scammed.

So I tried some of the well known top freelancer platforms as well as traditional job websites. But everywhere there were few common barriers. I am going to list them out here so you can understand better if you have faced the same issues or are starting out you may face these situations and questions :

  1. Projects are not in line with ethical human resource practice, some projects just expect you to generate leads for their products business and that is not what a recruiter does.
  2. Clients does not update you if you have closed the position, you have to follow up and put up a fight if they resist and give excuses to pay, for the most part you have to black list and abandon a few clients who are being unethical.
  3. They expect you to have access to any of the Job portals – Naukri, Monster, Linkedin and Indeed etc.
  4. They ask are you willing to work on commission which will be oftentimes way less for the amount of effort required for the job.
  5. They ask are you willing to work on very less monthly salary. But there was no guarantee that the employer will pay.
  6. Employers even ask are you willing to work for free.
  7. Some employers expect you to pay to get the project.
  8. They also ask do you have any prior experience or skill set to work on the clients requirements.  Which is fair, however recruitment is not rocket science and they should be able to provide basic training if at all they are interested to invest in your future and career as our platform does.

Other than that if you look at any other freelance project you can have some control over the project. IT projects gets delivered in time. Final product that client is paying is for the efforts. While in recruitment you have to make an advance investment in portals and then put in your efforts to search candidates. Later even convince eligible candidates for applying to client company’s position. But the client could call all CVs as duplicate, or stops responding after receiving CVs, or simply informs that the position is closed. In such a case there is hardly anything you can do. Having a signed contract with your client could protect you. Otherwise investment and work was for nothing. 

That is where Jobglobal comes into the picture. With us recruiters can get following benefits.  Our clients that pay on time. Projects are of fair value good enough for our recruiters to sustain themselves. With fewer or no competition as we prefer we are the only recruitment partner to client to avoid all the other pitfalls. This is not a criteria to choose a client but our preference so that our recruiters can get paid for their hard work. Mostly all projects are on a fair commission basis. Most of our staff is remote.

I started exploring digital nomadic lifestyle when I decided to move to Srinagar. I explored that market and saw if we could get good candidates for some of our clients. We worked 3 months from Srinagar. It went fairly well and we got addicted to that lifestyle. As travelling always motivates you for some reason and connecting with more people and exploring all cultures gives us an open mind. It helps in better growth as an individual. So this year on October we head out for Gangtok, Sikkim as its the best place to get organic food and get a healthier lifestyle. We work from cafes or hotels as well as from our rented house. Being part of recruitment industry all you need is a Laptop, internet connection and a phone. Sometimes only phone with internet connection is enough to work as all our softwares are mobile friendly.

We are looking for a Nomadic community now to help them find clients just like how we found recruitment projects for our freelancers. This will be a long journey and anyone wants to help us on the way to share their experience in the form of blogs can reach out to me at We are currently traveling to Sikkim and will be exploring neighboring countries to meet other nomads and see how we can help. During this phase we are going to be semi nomadic our self to experience first hand how to manage situations for best experience for our nomadic community.

Our goal is to help other nomads get business opportunities or projects to sustain themselves. We are slowly growing our business to become preferred choice for any client that is looking for remote/freelance/nomadic workforce for their company.

If you wish to work with us as freelance recruiter you can join via this link

Or simple email me at with your interests and queries, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

During our journey and freelance platform we have already come across many candidates who wish to work remotely as well as we have access to job portals. Hence if required we can source and find a candidate as per your requirement so if you are looking for some assistance on the same ground feel free to mail me at

Why choose us

We have gained significant amount of experience during the past few years and have maintained quality work with our existing clients. We ensure that we keep getting repeat business as well as we keep adding more clients from various industries as more freelancers come on board with experience. You have to try our service to know the difference, however we are always open to feedback and suggestions as we wish to keep improving ourselves.

JobGlobal provides services to clients post contract only to ensure payment security. We provide an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to our team to track applicants and for smooth processing of the recruitment process. We don’t have to be relying on emails and excel sheets. We have everything online and with our teams can collaborate better and more efficiently.

We provide training to our recruiters and to ensure quality work. As of now we are catering to Indian market only, however if there is any client looking to hire remote or full time staff from elsewhere we can very well assist them for all industries and all levels.

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