What Happens to Your CV After Applying for Jobs Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are applying for jobs online you should know about how employers eleminate candidates. It’s not a big secret that each job advert receives many applications from jobseekers and you should optimize your CV to avoid it being culled as the applicant tracking system eliminates the weakest links on the pile.

This infographic from Resunate reminds us again that we need to persuade the machines to approve our application first so that our resume stands a chance to be seen by humans.

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– The HR team receives your CV / Application with hundreds or thousands others.

– Your CV is going through an applicant tracking system.

– Most of the time employers uses keywords to find candidates

– Once your CV matches the keywords the employes has chosen then you may win an interview.

– Otherwise your CV / Application will never been seen by humans.your cv online application

Source: What Happens to Your CV After Applying for Jobs Online [INFOGRAPHIC] – Resunate


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