How to Answer the Most Asked Interview Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Job interviews make many people nervous, especially when they are not prepared. It is not a secret, applicants already have an idea of the sorts of questions that they will be asked during their interviews. Just giving an answer, however, won’t secure the job as recruiters are after the right answers!

Candidates shouldn’t only focus on the things that they will tell to the interviewer but they should also learn about what not to say.

Here are the most asked interview questions in recent years and they are still common and favourite for the employers:

– What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

– What did you dislike about your previous job?

– What were your responsibilities?

– What were your starting and ending levels of compensation?

– What major problems/challenges did you face? How did you handle them?

Have a look at this infographic by Sample Questionaire to get a better idea of the other questions which you are likely to come across when preparing for your interview. Make sure you take plenty of time before the interview to prepare your own answers to these questions.

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The Most Asked Interview Questions

Source: How to Answer the Most Asked Interview Questions [INFOGRAPHIC]



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